Designing Your Own Tshirt?
I Really Want To Put My Design On A Tshirt, But I Can'T Find Any Good Printing Company. I'M Not Saying Like A Picture That I Took That I Want On Something, I'M Talking About An Actual Tshirt Design. Is There Any Company That Wont Just Be Ink On A Cotton Shirt?

You can seek out tee shirt custom printers in your town or near by cities.
Or you can learn how to silk screen your own design(s) and maybe sell a few shirts to pay for the materials needed.This site should help.Download the YUDU Manual for details.

Why Do I Like To Wear Girl Clothing?
I Am A 14 Year Old Male. Straight. I Like To Wear Very Tight Jeggings. I Also Like To Wear Very Tight Black Metallic Leggings. I Have 3 Pairs Of Xx-Hi Converse, 2 Pairs Of Uggs, And I Also Like To Wear Girls Knee High Or Mid Calf Boot With Buckles And Heels. Why Do I Like Wearing All This Stuff?? How Do I Go In Public Like This. I Would Like To Get Where I Can Wear Metallic Leggings Or Tight Jeggings Out In Public. And I Would Like To Wear My Xx-Hi Converse, Uggs, And Boots With Heels And Buckles In Public With My Jeggings And Leggings Tuck Into Them.

The answer is obvious. Girl clothes are awesome. I can't imagine why any guy would actually comment on your clothes, especially far enough to ask where you got them. I think if they do just say they're dude clothes. Where from? Got em on the internet. Which site? Quit trying to copy me. I'm flatter, but really...get your own ****.
Or you could be brutally honest. They're chick pants. Why am I wearing them? Cause I like them. I'm not wearing them because I hate them. Dur! Act as if its no big deal cause its not. If anyone gets hostile with you get hostile back. I know that sounds bad, but if some dude is gonna try to give you some kind of fag beat down then I think you oughta punch him. Knock him on his ***.
Don't ever start fights. Just finish 'em. Walk away if you can. If you can't, then handle it like a man. A man in chick pants kickin' *** with his buckle boots and takin' names! Like a BOSS. πŸ˜‰ Make your mother proud. lol

Cheap Custom T-Shirts?
I Want To Get A T-Shirt For The Twilight Breaking Dawn Premier, But I Dont Want To Spend $30. Anyone Know Where I Could Get A Custom T Shirt For Around $5-10? I Guess Anything But $30 Would Be Ok.

Make one.
You can seriously buy a plain t shirt, puffy pain, glitter, iron on letters, needles, thread, and scissors to make your own boss, unique shirt. People at premiers do it all the time. And it's way more fun than just getting a pre-made one because it can say whatever you want it to. And if you want some detail artwork you can also buy this cool paper that lets you print images off from your computer and then iron it to the shirt.
Good luck, go crazy, and have fun.
Even though I HATE Twilight with burning theos of passion.

Tween Clothing Wholesalers??
Hello! I Have An Online Clothing Boutique &Amp; We Have Primarily Focused On Teen &Amp; Adult Trendy Clothing. We Would Now Like To Expand Into Trendy Tween Clothing - Sizes 7-16. We Are A Member Of A Few Different Wholesale Sites, But The Children'S/Tween Items They Offer Are Not The In-Style Trendy Clothing. We Are Looking For Basically The Same Type Of Trendy Items We Get In Adult Sizes. I Know They Exist For Tweens Because I'Ve Seen Children Wearing These Styles (Such As What'S Trending Right Now Like Aztec Prints &Amp; Chevron Prints). I Am Having A Very Hard Time Finding Any Wholesales For This Type Of Clothing For Tweens. Google Isn'T Helping Either. Does Anyone Know Of Any Wholesales For What We'Re Looking For? Thank You!

Ummm i am a tween I guess and I shop at http://store.delias.com/ and they have the Aztec and such so try clothes from there good luck πŸ™‚ btw idk what wholesales are

How Do You Start A T Shirt Business?
I Want To Start A T Shirt Business But Dont Really Know How To Get It Started, Any Tips Or Ideas? Thanks, Jessica

To successfully launch your t-shirt business you have to think of some of the things below.

1) Your Budget
2) Target Audience
3) Places to advertise
4) T-Shirt Designing costs (if you are not doing them yourself)
5) Company who will print out shirts.

First and for most I would suggest getting a web hosting, and a proper dot com name relevant to your t shirt business.

Figure out the type of shirt you will be designing and how you plan on getting people to buy them from you.For example you can advertise your website in google, or yahoo search engines.

Cafepress.com is a very good company, and so far they worked well for my business. Don't bother opening a store with them because it just looks unprofessional to send your clients to cafepress.com/yourstoreid/.

Instead get your own domain name, own web site space and list your t-shirts designs. After a client makes a purchase you can just order it from cafepress yourself.

For hosting needs you can contact me, and I will give you real cheap deals.

I hope my tips will give you a better insight on successfully launching your t-shirt business.

Custom T-Shirt/Polo Buisness Name?
I Am Thinking Of Opening A Custom Print T-Shirt Order Site And I Am Stuck For Names, Can Anyone Think Of One? (Cant Be Used Already By Another Company). Also Where Can I Get Cheap Wholesale Supplies (Eg: Tshirts/Polos/Iron On Transfer Paper) Thnx In Advance!! πŸ˜€

Stoned Society...shirtchamp has wholesale shirts at low price


Space Shuttle?
How Many Space Shuttles Have Nasa Built And What Are Their Names? The Space Shuttle Has Been Around For As Long As I Can Remember. When Are They Likely To Be Replaced By Something More Advanced?

5 shuttles have been launched into space. Here is a list of the name and the date of maiden voyage for each:

Columbia -- 1981
Challenger -- 1983
Discovery -- 1984
Atlantis -- 1985
Endeavor -- 1992

Challenger was destroyed shortly after launch in 1986, and Columbia broke up upon re-entry in 2003.

The next launch vehicle, which replaces the space shuttle, is scheduled to come online in 2014. The shuttles are getting old, although that is not necessarily important: the B-52 Stratofortress provides a good example of aerospace technology which has been around for a long period (the most recent was built in 1962) but is still in use by the military.

What is more important is the issue of launch safety. The shuttles are side-mounted onto the fuel tank. This makes them susceptible to damage from falling debris (such as the falling foam which ultimately led to the break-up of Columbia). The shuttles' replacement vehicle is slated to have a top-mount design, so that falling debris will become irrelevant. It is also unlikely that this new orbiter will land, as do the current shuttles, like a (very fast and searing hot) glider.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEST

    Soldering 101 | Understanding Thermal Linkage from Tip to Joint

    Soldering 101 | Understanding Thermal Linkage from Tip to Joint

    On this episode of the Art of Repair, Justin helps you really make the connection on thermal linkages role in your everyday soldering.

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    Fashion Tips Fashion Tips Fashion Tips Fashion…

    TIP! Sheer clothing can be sexy, but beware of how sheer and what’s showing. You never want to wear something that is see-through in your private areas, as this gives off the appearance of being trashy and not classy at all.

    The world of fashion is constantly changing and oftentimes it is hard to keep up with every latest trend and fad. It’s possible to be trapped in a fashion time warp and have no idea of what’s currently in style. The article below has the modern fashion tips that you need.

    TIP! A classic color combination is black and white. Once again, this combination is popular.

    When it comes to spending money on fashion, focus on all of the basic looks. Try to get pieces that work together and have a sense of fashion longevity. Buy quality pants, skirts, blouses and jackets in solid colors like black, creme and beige that can be mixed and matched with more trendy things easily.

    TIP! One helpful piece of fashion advice is to make sure you’re always looking out for new styles. Things are constantly in flux in the fashion world, and reading magazines can help you figure out what is going on.

    Wear your hair up in a casual bun to keep it off the shoulders. Use this style when long hair feels like a hassle due to the discomfort of a hot and busy day. When you’re short on time, a simple hair elastic and a couple of pins can help you to look your best with a quick and fashionable hair style.

    TIP! Create a style that is unique. Lots of people simply follow the crowd, but the people who are truly original are the ones who come up with their own style.

    You can wear jeans with a shirt and high-heel shoes in more formal occasions, but this will work best with black jeans. Lighter washes and bright colors are better for casual looks.

    Beauty Kit

    TIP! Do not strive for perfection in fashion. Firstly, there is no such thing as perfection in this world.

    When packing your beauty kit, be careful you don’t over pack with makeup. Pick the best items for each season to keep in your beauty kit. Keep in mind looks for both nighttime and daytime wear. Just as with numerous other products, makeup can turn sour once it is opened. There is also the potential for germ growth if a product sits too long.

    TIP! There are people who believe that fashion just means clothing. The impact of a great outfit can be severely diminished by poor hair styling.

    Be careful when using mascara, and do try getting more product on the brush by pushing it carefully into the container. This just causes air to build up in the tube. The trapped air increases the likelihood of bacterial growth in the mascara and that can lead to eye infections. To load more product onto your mascara brush, you need to move the brush around inside of the container.

    TIP! Try to purchase a size that you fit in all the time. Try on each article of clothing to find the one that looks the best on you.

    Wear darker blouses and pants if you want to appear slimmer. Dark colors can flatten your body and play down any bulges that you don’t want to draw attention to. Skirts with elastic waistbands will feel better on.

    TIP! If you are self-conscious about your weight and want to look as slim as possible, avoid wearing any type of floral patterns with large shapes. Large shapes accentuate size, which is not flattering.

    If you are going out of town, focus your wardrobe on neutral colors that can mixed and matched at will. You will not have to think about wearing clashing colors, which means you can create a lot of outfits using only a few items. Use scarves and belts to accessorize for a more pulled-together look.

    TIP! Consuming filtered water can help eliminate dry nails and cuticles. Your nails and cuticles may be dry due to lack of hydration.

    A lot of people focus exclusively on clothes when they think of fashion. However, a hair style is also an important part of an outfit. Invest in adequate hair care products, along with styling your hair properly so that it complements your style daily.

    TIP! Dress for your body type. What body feature do you like best? Don’t focus on your cleavage if your best feature is your legs.

    Don’t wear the latest style if it won’t look good on you. What may look great on that runway model may make you look like a carnival side show. Wear things that are your taste and not everything you read in magazines. Trust your gut instincts above all else. They’ll lead you right.

    TIP! To get ready for the next fashion season, try picking up some items with floral patterns. Now, they’re not back in a big way, but the floral pattern is reemerging as a top fashion design.

    Subscribe to an online fashion newsletter to keep you up to date. Lead your friends in the fashion scene by knowing ahead of time what looks, colors and fabrics are on the fashion horizon.

    TIP! How your hair looks really tells a story. It is therefore important since your hairstyle actually represents you.

    To have great fashion, you need to start with the basics. A bra that is fitted correctly gives your figure good definition and an attractive silhouette. Your look will be smoother and tighter with underwear that provide the proper support. There are some great undergarments available to slim you and disguise problems, so you can look great.

    TIP! Solid colors can draw attention to or away from areas of your body. Wear some pants or a skirt with a solid color so you can wear a top with a busy pattern.

    Jackets often have some stitches that are looser than others. These threads have to be removed, as they aren’t fashionable. Carefully remove them, being careful not to damage the clothes. This simple step can make you look more put together.

    TIP! Fitted clothing items are a bad idea for most people, especially if you’re not in the best shape of your life. Snug clothes will cling to the rolls that you would rather hide.

    Floral patterns are an up and coming trend to take advantage of. Don’t be intimidated to wear a shirt, pants or even a floral patterned dress. However, you also don’t want to overdo it. One item with a floral pattern is enough. Don’t try mixing and matching different patterns.

    TIP! If you like to tuck your shirt into your bottoms, be certain to always wear a belt. If you prefer suspenders, find a pair that matches to achieve a fine look.

    Solid colors reduce the amount of attention to your body. Solid colored pants and skirts can open the door to elaborate or flamboyant shirts and blouses getting the attention. Wearing bright colors on top will draw the attention of others nearer your eyes.

    TIP! Solid colors work well when you’re carrying a little extra weight. Heavier people should wear darker colors, and lighter colors if you are thinner.

    With the information in this article, you will know how to dress yourself in a way that reflects modern society. Keep an eye on the new styles and trends. Keep this advice in mind while you are working on your fashion.

    Slo-Poke vs Big Kenny “Shake Down Racing”

    Slo-Poke vs Big Kenny “Shake Down Racing”

    Custom Tees Grudge Fest MIR Dragway 9/4/16 Slo-Poke with the WIN…



    There are still some beaches in Mexico that everyone doesn’t know about yet! Episode description below.


    Get access to the KYD Secret Fbook page, behind the scenes and help us plan the next season!


    We heard from people that have been RVing to Mexico for years that Chacala Beach is a must do. They were right. The restaurants grill fish to die for and the surf was absolutely perfect for the boy to catch some ways. It was so much fun to chill with the people from Mexico without a single tourist in sight. Did we mention that fresh donuts are served on the beach? In this episode, Tori fly’s home to catch-up with some friends and go to a school dance and we head into Puerto Vallarta to get some school done and remote work. We also stumble across some Thrifty Ice Cream at the Pto Vallarta marina. We also talk about the KYD Insiders through our Patreon account. We’re having a lot of fun with the Insider, so check that out! Link above.

    If you’re thinking about RVing Mexico, this is the perfect place to start. If you want to know more about La Penita RV Resort, check out the promo video KYD produced in the next link,


    If you want to hear more great stories of people who turned β€œsomeday” into NOW… tune into Keep Your Daydream podcast. Stories of full-time RV, Sailing, Climbing Everest to riding bikes across the world, each episode is inspiring.

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    Rode Mic
    Dead Cat (won’t hear wind outside)
    Polarizer (great for outdoor video or water)
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    GoPro Hero Black 5 (the best option)
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    Work Of a Screen Printer

    Work Of a Screen Printer

    Made a promotion video for Corvallis Custom. It represents a stylistic view of screen printing. Soon to be featured on Fox’s station.

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