Silk Screen Printing Shirts. Questions.?
Hey Everyone, So I Just Started Silk Screening Shirts Simply As A Hobby For Myself. I Have Some Questions Though. If I Want An Enlarged Image, How Do I Do That? My Printer Is Only Capable Of Printing So Big, So What Do I Need To Blow Up Images? What Are People Using For Programs And Software For Editing? Photoshop Is 600.00 And That Seems Kind Of Steep, Especially When I Know There Are Free Downloads Of Programs That Have Similar Capabilities. I Would Just Really Like To Know How To Enlarge Images, Put My Text On A Radius, Add Some Character, Etc. Thanks For Help.

it's important to understand that there are TWO types of computer graphics.... BIT_MAP or Raster with pixels ( Photoshop or GIMP ) Gimp is free.

VECTOR or POST SCRIPT ( Adobe Illustrator or INKSCAPE) Inkscape is FREE!!!!
if yo visit a screen print shops website you will see that they require or prefer Vector.... and they REQUIRE Spot color NOT RGB OR CMYK.. black and white grayscale is spot.
We use a large laser printer or bubble jet printer to print to vellum. Kinkos fed x can print them for you!
PS you canot enlarge low res files from the net... you need original art or a vector recreation.

Which Is More Environmentally Friendly: Silk-Screen Printing Or Heat Transfer Printing?
I Would Like To Know If Heat Transfer Printing Is Greener Than Silk-Screen Printing And Why. I Have To Make A Choice And Would Like To Base It On The Green Credentials Of The Printing.

Heat transfer typically involves colorants, plastics, and energy using equipment.

Silk screening can be done manually thus using less energy. But, whether the silk screening is actually more environmentally friendly probably depends upon the dye or paint medium. Also, how the silk screener handles, cleans, and disposes their waste.

My bias is that tie-dying and batik are greener yet depending upon the process and materials used; also how they are used, handled, and disposed of.

Cheap Bass Drum Skin Printing In Nc?
I Need To Figure Out How To Make A Big Logo (My Band Logo) To Stick On The Front Of My Drummer'S Bass Drum, Something Like A Silk Screen Maybe. I Thought Kinko'S Might Work In That Field, But The One Nearest To Where I Live Is Fairly Far Away And I Wanted To Figure Out If They Actually Do That Before I Go All The Way Over There. So Can Someone Tell Me How To Get A Bass Drum Skin Printed For Around $100 Or Less In North Carolina, Without It Having To Be Delivered? Thanks In Advance.


I remembered this little printshop in Pennsylvania which can definitely help you out in the silkscreen. They do everything

Here is the link


What I would suggest is to go to Kinko's and ask them to print your logo on a transparent sheet. This way, much cheaper and nobody will know the difference and will look as if it was printer directly on your drum skin.

I Enjoy Wearing Girls Clothes?
I Enjoy Wearing Girls Clothes, Just Underwear , Tights And Certain Skirts , But I Told A Friend When I Was Drunk And Think It Was A Mistake, Two Of Her Mates Have Made Comments Slagging Kinda, Do Ya Think She Told Them ??

Stick to your position. Challenge them back. Tell them girls wear whatever they want, and guys should have the same freedoms. Tell them that as long as you are keeping it under control, and not wearing anything ridiculous then what's the harm? Then tell them you don't plan on changing.

If they ask if you're gay, then say not at all. Are all girls who wear pants lesbians?

A Clothing Questions For Women?
I Am An 18 Year Old Male To Female Transsexual. I Am Going To Start Dressing Full-Time Now That I Have Moved Out Of My Parents Home. Can Any Women Give Me Advice On What Essential Pieces Of Clothing I Should Own? I Already Have A Few Skirts And Blouses, But Not A Whole Lot Else. Thanks In Advance.

First let me say congratulations on that, it's good to see someone comfortable enough with themselves to actually be who they want to be. 😀

You could always get a few dresses if you like those, maybe one or two just casual dresses you could wear out just for every day type situations, and one nice formal dress for events where you might need to dress up a little.

You can also just wear womens pants and jeans too though for when you don't feel like wearing a skirt or dress, most girls I know don't stick to just skirts all of the time and a nice fitting pair of pretty jeans is something I just have to have.

Also, some jewelry if you like it. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, I get most of mine at places like Claire's and at thrift stores. Just a few necklaces and bracelets.. and maybe a few rings to mix and match with your outifts, especially the casual ones, to dress them up a little.

I hope I helped you, even if it's only a little bit, and good luck!

Where Can I Get Some White T-Shirts In Bulk ?
I Am Making Pesonalized Shirts For Daycare And I Need To Find Some Cheap White Shirts In A Bulk. Also, Where Can I Find Cheap Iron-On Transfers ?

As Jena suggested, try Michaels craft store for the transfers. While you're there, look for the Jerzees tee shirt display. They often have them on sale - 2 for $5.

Otherwise check the sunday papers for sales. Maybe your local Big Lots, Family Dollar, or other stores like that may have tees even cheaper.

You can also buy the blank transfer sheets at Office Max or Office Depot. Some discount stores also have them near the computer paper. Design something on your computer, print it on the sheet, then iron it on. The instructions are on the package.

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